Karate Kids Classes

In order for children to become a successful, productive and resilient adults, a child needs a strong foundation of values along with solid self esteem and powerful self-image.

Karate Teens Classes

Our classes teach values like respect, discipline, humility and how to work with others. Our students develop these fundamental values in a safe and family oriented environment

Karate Adults Classes

Adults Class Program: We will condition your body to prepare for physical and tactical challenges. You will learn proper warm-up stretching so that you can develope flexibility.

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Shito Ryu specializes in a system of unarmed combat which can be traced back over 1,000 years from Okinawa Japan.Traditional Karate-do ( the way of empty hand combat) is dedicated to improving the lives of its students through the practice of martial arts and emphasized the values of positive attitude, discipline and respect. The values gained from the martial arts training will help students become well-rounded, responsible and successful individuals. Kaigan Karate-do`s high-energy classes provide excellent cardio and endurance workouts that build strength, flexibility and self-defense skills.


Teaching at Dojo

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